Dad, Love Everlasting

blog posting for Feb. 8, 2018

Years ago I read a book by Lee Carroll and his Guide, Kryon, an Angel of Magnetic Service whose message is of love. The book was The Journey Home. It tells the story of a human who experiences a life-threatening trauma and is taken on a journey to visit various houses with different angels in each home. In each house Michael Thomas learns more about his journey here on Earth and how much the Universe loves him so much, even when he lost his parents in a car crash and became a very angry man. Before the House of Violet he stored a lot of anger about the death of his parents, and in the “movie theatre” he learns about his eternal nature, his parents weren’t gone (physically, yes) but energetically they still existed, just on a different plane of Consciousness. When he understood this the anger was melted and his true love of himself, God, and his fellow humans gave birth to love and compassion, and yes, even for the woman who chose to play the part of the reckless driver. 

I found this story very helpful in better understanding my divine nature, and it eased the pain of losing friends and family, knowing they weren’t really gone, their energy is different. It’s part of who we really are – divine, infinite beings of Light, expressing our Light and Love here on Planet Earth. Whatever transpires in these lifetimes is for a reason, for the person’s soul’s expression. Sometimes it’s not so pleasant, for others it is joy and harmony. I’ve heard it said that eventually, we will not need to come to the planet to experience these hardships, we’ve ‘been there, done that’, and as we raise our consciousness through more compassionate action this will create a shift on the planet. Actually, it has already started!!! 

This piece was written following a Get Out of Your Own Way weekend and it was a demonstration of how benevolent and beautiful the Universe is and how lovingly we are cared for, and connected to All of Consciousness. The night before I talked about my dad at this meeting Lindsay’s husband baked a batch of peanut butter cookies, my dad’s favourite, and the first time Gary had ever baked cookies!!! The Universe works in amazing ways, especially when we’re willing to let it in. It has been nearly 38 years since his transitioning, and Dad, I love you!!!

Dad, Love everlasting   nov 25 2014

I thought I had lost you

the day you flew away

I felt you had left me

on that October day.

Missing you in the present and loving you

these many years gone by.

Wondering what life might have been like

Playing with your grandchildren

They would see you as warm and kind,

so gentle in your countenance.

When I am ready in Divine timing

you visit me in the wee hours

Full circling my anxiety to fly

to fly in my life, with life

For me to emanate the truth of who I am

Thank you for gifting me your love

those many years ago, and sharing your journey into the Light that night you passed

Thank you for the peace and love of who you were

so long ago, I love you.

A perfect set up for me, for the Universe, for all Creation

And the conversation in the group saying “hi Ron”

Hi Dad, I’m here, ready to hear you

ready to receive your love from within, a different energy

Did you like the beef barley soup too?

Can we dance together, the multidimensional aspect of you and of me

Thank you for the peanut butter cookies that Gary made for Lindsay

How beautiful is the Power of Love to create upon creation

Right next to me the Universe created upon creation through someone

Who has never made cookies to shift paradigms

with a new reality

What’s presenting, can you see it really?

Can you feel the yummy juiciness of unconditional love

The warmth of your cells glowing in the light of love

Home again, once more, expanding consciousness.

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Balancing the Bicycle

Peace and Harmony

Were you that fearless four-year-old who just jumped on a bike and never looked back? Or like others who were a little more cautious and used training wheels to get started? Do you really remember why you wanted a bike or did you even think about how you were going to ride it when you took that first step up and threw your leg over the seat?

Uncertainty, anticipation, excitement…..ready set go! ……for me it was pushing off a wall in our driveway, learning how to maintain balance and keep the handlebars straight…

yes! a little wobbly at first and then that initiation into independence!!!!!

Corners were taken cautiously at first, then the confidence grew. Next big step was riding to school – downhill all the way, pedal brakes in those early days and no helmet, and no gears either for the uphill climb home!

Sometimes this journey of awakening feels like those first few wobbly rides; there are moments of clarity and a beautiful feeling of harmony, balance and flow and then uncertainty arises. Whether you call it ascension, enlightenment, awakening, or remembering to describe what many of us are experiencing or searching for, it’s new for us. We are being asked to shift to a “new” way of being, to be more understanding of others and yet remain strong in our own truths. Sometimes I find it helpful to remind myself that our star seed family from the Pleiades went through this evolutionary process and we’re just taking our first baby steps, and how important it is to have compassion and grace for ourselves and others!

I know that peace and harmony are possible for humanity, like that fluid motion of you and the bicycle – balanced, flowing, new freedoms, independence and yes, fun!

This morning I checked out the synonyms for harmony – was harmony what I thought it was?: understanding, tolerance, cooperation, good will, friendship, like-mindedness, flow, fluidity, peace, kinship, unity. Yes, it was. I also found one that at first glance I said no, how could ‘conformity’ be harmony? When I checked ‘conformity’ I found ‘willingness’!! Ah yes, willingness is so important in these times of great change. Are we willing to change our perceptions, our understanding and tolerance of others? Perhaps if we were to ‘conform’ to the Universal law of love and willingly open our hearts to the great love and harmony within us and around us, peace and harmony would prevail on Earth. The harmony activators we make at can assist with opening our hearts to the pure potentials that await us, to feel the peace within and let that loving expression be part of our BEingness. Can we also create more harmony in a musical sense – different sounds beautifully complementing each other, in unity and creating a harmonious frequency that resonates through the Earth and into the Cosmos? Hmmm, pure potential of possibilities of peace and harmony through compassionate actions.

aillaifiaatia                                                                          aillaifyaatya

all is loving light all is flow I am all that I am      all is loving light all is flow you are all that                                                                                                  you are    

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Why is the Gaian copper?

Have you ever started a project not really knowing what the outcome would be? Or not even knowing the next step but somehow you just keep going? It’s like a deeper vision waiting to be born and oftentimes we’re not privy to the details until it’s ready! Divine timing at its best. 

In my early days of testing soil using a pendulum, I would check various components in the soil and at the same time, I was also learning to trust that everything was energy (and light). I was a pretty good skeptic! When I started making the Star4Earth boxes (now the Rosie’s HOPE chest) I put a copper plate on the bottom because I knew that the copper was somehow important to transmit the energy of the crystals and contents into the soil. This was more trusting in the unknown because I didn’t really know how it all worked. And boy did my mind drive me crazy with all sorts of doubts and “you can’t do this because you don’t know what you’re doing”! Due to circumstances in the laser imaging process I couldn’t use the same rectangular shape I had used in the past and the round copper Gaian coin was born! Ahh, the beauty of Divine timing; something I am learning to be grateful for more and more. 

Recently I’ve been participating in a cosmic copper activation with Raquel Spencer and her understanding is that “this upshifted frequency (of cosmic/copper) enhances our communication network between our cells, our energy matrix and our higher self…”… and my curiosity was tweaked! Hmm, the Gaian is copper, maybe there’s more to learn here. I started reading about the historical uses of copper and was amazed at the many uses besides copper bracelets, containers and art. In India, they would throw copper into bodies of water to cleanse the water and make it safe for drinking. Ayurveda knew that copper would destroy undesirable viruses and bacteria, and our Egyptian ancestors stored water in copper vessels making the water safe to drink. “According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body”* Many people today wear copper bracelets to help with their arthritis. “Ancient seers in India knew that copper conducts heat and energy so they made yantras (mandalas) on thin copper plates with mysterious geometric patterns.” **

Why is the Gaian copper and covered with two sacred geometric designs: an Arcturian crop circle on one side and my logo (minus the colour) on the other? Thanks to my friend Jennifer Hough who suggested that this might be a good combo!! I know the Gaian is assisting with the shifts within us and the planet (some are placed in the soil). If we are these magnificent beings that are multidimensional, connected to the Cosmos and the Earth then these copper coins have a physical and spiritual benefit. Can I explain in detail? No, not yet. Maybe some of you might have some insights to share. It seems that our journeys are constantly being supported by those around us! Now when I wear my copper Gaian necklace I have a deeper appreciation of the metal itself, the sacred geometric design, the connection to our ancestors and to the Earth herself, and the known and unknown benefits I am receiving. For the Divine timing and synchronicities, I am truly grateful. And a special thanks to my friend Anita who called it Gaian. 






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Compassionate Action

For those who read last week’s blog did you remember something this week in your life’s experience where you used to find fault with yourself, or not being good or worthy enough? And were you able to dive back, feel more loving, more compassionate for the You at that moment? I was teaching a couple of days this past week and used that feeling of loving myself more and more to look at students differently—pulling from that love emanation to see others in a different way.  I was less a “teacher” and found myself more compassionate and patient and I found it interesting to watch how things unfold that might not have from my “old teaching” perspective. 

I have co-created what I call #Harmony Activators that help us remember ourselves as the harmony that is possible within us, between each other, within our local community as well as globally. They assist with many things including bridging the gap between our Spirit and our physical body, bringing our true loving and compassionate state of SoulSpirit into our daily life. As we remember the unconditional love of the Universe, which is us, slowly the gap which our mind created to keep us safe but separate from our beautiful, magnificent Self/soul will lessen. These harmony activators can be found on my website: 

The initials for my company, HC&L Soil Alchemy, stand for Harmony Compassion and Love, something I have always believed was possible for humanity and all life on our Beloved planet Earth, Mother Gaia as some call her. One aspect of Harmony for me is fluidity and flow and how can I create more of that in my everyday life? One thing I practice when I drive is how much flow can I create? When I let someone into “my” lane when others have not – that creates flow. It also lessens the stress of the other driver. How many times have you tried to merge only to be cut off, seemingly because the other driver wanted to be next in line? Yet as I say that the other thing I practice is being compassionate and understanding … aka … no Judgements of others. I have no idea what is going on with other drivers, what their day has been like to cause them to cut off others or be impatient. But you are in control in your car, in your life, and it’s your choice to be that compassionate action. Put on your favourite calming music, sing along and enJOY the ride. Remember, the more you act from a loving place the more peaceful and harmonious the ride can be. 

Today I was driving to the Tzu Chi Foundation’s annual Gratitude and Blessing Ceremony and found myself turning into a No Entry lane OMG! Luckily the Universe gave me only a few cars to wildly apologize to as I reversed my car, a tanker stopped to let me get back on track and away I went. How or why did I get into such a situation when I’ve driven that route before? Heaven only knows!!!! But I laughed at myself, extremely grateful for nothing happening, and hoped there was some compassion in those surprised drivers!!!

My heart was filled with tears and love as I watched these loving and compassionate people humbly celebrate their compassionate acts around the globe, and locally within Metro Vancouver. Flood and earthquake victims around the world, refugees fleeing Syria, seniors and school children in Vancouver, First Nations and the homeless have been receiving loving support from this group which celebrated their 50th year in 2016, under the guidance of their Dharma Master Cheng Yen. I came away even more determined to continue my work, to practice more compassionate actions toward my fellow beings. We are all Spirits of Light and Love on this planet, here to make a difference. Where can you shift your perspective and eliminate judgement and act compassionately? Start with yourself and then emanate that love outward. Your faith is whatever that is for you. Have faith in the Universe that is loving you unconditionally. Have a great week! 



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My Eclectic Nature

I know some of you were aware from a young age of what you would be doing in the future, what you could be, or what was wrong with the world or within your family, and some things you just KNEW LIKE YOU KNEW! You had a plan, you were focused and just did what you needed to do! And some of you awoke with your innate abilities; your seeing colours or sensing fairies in the forest, or how to intuitively know what to say or do to assist others in various ways, or even learn easily. Depending on what that was for you I hope that you are grateful for your Higher Levels/SpiritSoul expression that wanted to experience that for some reason. Some of those situations would have been frightening, or condemning if you talked about it too much, others might have been curious and fun depending on your family values and insights etc. If I did have some of the above abilities they (or I) mysteriously disappeared (them!)!

I used to think I was like a sponge, absorbing everything and everyone’s ideas and then using them as mine because I thought they were good ideas. That process was for me, with all the packaging of family, beliefs and perceptions and paradigms and that I realized decades ago did not really serve me!!! really!!! And yet, looking back without judgement takes compassion and a greater understanding that I was not aware of back then. Actually, behind all that was the thought that I was stupid, I mean, who didn’t have their own opinions and knowings of things, right? Well, as I look back I now have more compassion for myself in my “not knowing” – my mom is laughing kindly from the heavens as I recall my Grade 9 English assignment on the dining room table, totally disorganized and due that morning! Me in tears, feeling so frustrated and hating English (my native language!). Now I look at my 14 year old self with loving eyes and a heart overflowing with love and compassion,  with tears of love instead of frustration, and so grateful for a mother who would matter-of-factly pull it all together.

These days my intuition is much more attuned, I have started writing verses to bring clarity to my understanding of how I AM in the cosmos and on the Earth and there is so much more joy and laughter (often at myself!) in my life. I like trying lots of different things, listen to many people’s ideas of how they see the world and reflect that back into what I believe, hence this piece on my eclectic nature. And sometimes I don’t have an opinion because at times it does not serve when the opinion is a judgement.

My Eclectic Nature

in the moment

for the future of which I know not

seems like a flittering butterfly from flower to flower

tasting it all, enjoying it all .. life’s experiences

nourishing, energizing  … that is me

Spirit knows – a water droplet here and there

forms a river to which I now float down

with more flow, more fluidity, more joy, more knowingness

Am I looking for THE ONE? maybe, maybe not

what if these experiences all had something for me?

something to activate a gem within to sparkle

and connects to another gem within to sparkle

and soon it’s a fireworks display coming from within –

All colours and dimensions … travels, people, places and spaces I

have experience in my 66 years.

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Spider Reflections with my Orange Flame friends

sun kissed frosted web

frozen spider’s web radiant morning light nature in harmony

Why did I fear them, be repulsed by them?

Thinking they were ugly and creepy, skittering from one place to another

Yet weavers of such beautiful webs, reflections of iridescent light

These thoughts are but reflections and projections of my own fears and beliefs

     of MYSELF over the decades, if not eons

In reality, they are sovereign expressions as am I, and you

I chose this sovereign expressions appearance and this package of me

I now choose to see myself in the love and beauty – in me in the mirror, in the spiders on the floor – the GODESSence of who I truly am

Thank you Ho’Oponopono



all is loving light all is flow you are all that you are

/all is loving light all is flow I am all that I am

This morning I sat down to do my automatic writing and 2 1/2 hours later I came to the above realization of how I looked at myself for many decades – the ugly duckling, the ss mouse (scared silly) in life, looking for confirmations of how I perceived myself and getting them – you may know that kind: not good enough, comparing myself with others especially in high school looking at all the IN crowd students who I thought had it all!!!! Well, that wasn’t true for sure! With the new awarenesses I’ve experienced in the past few several years, these belief systems I’ve clung on to are going out the door. I’m pulling the plug on all those neuron-affirmations tugging at my brain and replacing them with new positive ones; like I am Beautiful, I am Magnificent, I am unique and the Universe put me here and here I stand!!!! We are so connected with the Earth, the Universe and each other. Our compassion and love for ourselves and each other will create more harmony on our planet. Our knowing that each creature on Mother Gaia, human or otherwise, is a sovereign expression from somewhere in the Universe, here on Earth to rekindle that consciousness connection.



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Welcome to our first Alchemical Shifts newsletter! I like to think of it as perfect timing; beginning for me, half way through, a new year, 2016, and the evolution of H.C & L. Soil Alchemy in its present state, and ready to change with the changing times upon the Earth.

Soil Alchemy began in 2010 with the writing of Gaia’s song, one of my first intuitive and intimate connection writings from my divine essence. I thought I was channeling from some divine source out “there” in the cosmos when in fact it was my Beloved I AM, my Divine Essence or Soul Spirit resonating from within the multidimensional aspect of my

Gaians and Rosie's HOPE Chest harmony activators

Gifts for you and Mother Gaia – remembering your magnificence

trillions of cells. Next came a fascination with crop circles and choosing one that would eventually become part of the Gaian coin. During that time I was using dowsing to test the energy of soil, of food, and how crystals and reiki symbols could change the energy or frequency of something. I was very new to all this energy work and relied on guidance from friends who had more practice than I did at the time. 

The H.O.P.E. chest filled with crystals, Reiki symbols and more would evolve from the Star 4 Earth boxes into the R.O.S.I.E.’s HOPE chests that are now making their way around the world. The original chests were buried in Delta, Terra Nova, BC; Sedona, Ar; Costa Rica; Mt. Ampato, Peru; Hawaii (Big Island). I didn’t know who or what was picking up the energy from those boxes and it was really challenging, scary and frustrating to talk about them with others, like there was missing information and the perfectionist, ”I need to know what I’m doing before I do it” me worried about getting “it” wrong or playing with energies I didn’t know anything about! That was the  beginning of opening many doors that took this quiet mouse the courage to answer some unknown push coming from within.  

The next evolution was Gift of HOPE chests that were not buried but placed in special places in people’s homes and gardens. The current Rosie’s H.O.P.E. chests have additional symbols and natural elements from my West Coast forest home as well as from places I have visited over the past few years. They all contain encodements from the Earth herself, and from me, that are being shared with people and other places all over the world – all communicating with each other through amazing intricate systems like crystalline and magnetic grids.

Remembering Our Spiritual Innate Expression’s Humans Openhearted Peacefull Earth chest

I am no longer that quiet mouse although there are times I sit quiet, but more often for different reasons other than fear or doubt. I have more knowingness about these harmonizing activators – Gaian and Rosie’s H.O.P.E chest – and I also know there is more to learn about them. Divine timing is something I have been learning to understand more about,  and two of the greatest gifts for myself is having grace and compassion for myself which is now spilling over to others I meet and work with. Two great gifts to give yourself. 

I look forward to having conversations with you as we journey into these new shifts together.



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Alchemical Shifts – A Dancing Invitation

Isn’t it interesting how time, aka our lives, seems to soar by, and moments where we were stuck or even just engaged in life, seem so distant in the now time. Yet, we know there is no time really at a Soul level, we exist as does all of Creation. That isn’t my topic for tonight but I was musing over the time and space I was in two years ago when I boldly stepped into a program that changed my life, my perspective on living and how I see the world. Flight School with Jennifer Hough and her Wide Awakening team – wow!!! It’s a good thing I really didn’t know what I was in for – one of those kicking and screaming situations that the Soul was so wanting me to do and the ego fighting back, not wanting to relinquish any of its control over eons of time it had nicely packaged together. How does a timid mouse go deeper? In part, a will to be more, knowing on some level there was so much more to life than being afraid of stepping out or speaking up! And I was ready for a change.

My perspective is constantly changing and expanding as I explore other programs, listen to some of the spiritual awakening programs on-line, and expand my understanding of how this fantastic benevolent design on Earth (and throughout the Universe) creates itself. It feels like being in Kindergarten and you see what the older kids are doing, curiosity tweaked, but having no idea how they got there because you haven’t got the skillsets needed to advance to the next level. We will get to the graduate level but with a lot of ease and grace for ourselves, and lots of laughter along the way.

I wrote this piece in July, 2014, on a flight back from Peru where I opened up more of my heart and soul with people who were becoming family: lovingly supporting and guiding me and each other.         sorry for the bullets but I couldn’t find the spacing button!!!!!

Come play with me the Universe calls

Let perceptions go you once held dear

  • A bird’s feather floating in the wind
  • and dancing into someone’s hands
  • becomes a soft, gentle touch upon a face.
  • Its dance changing, creating anew
  • The Universe calls come dance with me
  • Uncertainty, a cosmic reality
  • Certainty in its creativity
  • with harmony, love and grace
  • Each day beginning anew
  • An experiential expansion into love
  • A willingness to know the Universe
  • whether a leaf fluttering in the wind
  • or catching a smile and a kiss blown wild
  • You are the dancer if you choose to be
  • learning new steps, laughing when you fall,
  • Sometimes the dance is a thought spoken in truth
  • so presenting to be shared
  • so someone else can dance if they choose
  • Courage and practice is needed to dance with it all,
  • For the dance continues and love pours forth.
  • Bend here, jump there, no looking back,
  • Come join the dance the Universe calls
  • The heart grows stronger and the mind clatter softens,
  • fears drop away as the perceptions change.
  • Flowing in the dance each day you will know
  • lean in, hear the whisper of your soul “do try”
  • And enjoy your dance when the Universe calls.
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Gaia’s Song

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